Great Reads

Today I read a book by Jane Yolen that I had checked out for my son. 😉  “The Young Merlin Trilogy” reminded me why I love reading — and writing — so much.  The economy of language — the craft involved in using the sparest, yet most descriptive phrase — was so outstanding that I forgot where and who I was, and became young Merlin.  As the wizard discovers his magic, the impossible reality of his powers also seeps into the reader’s mind, and the modern, scientific world loses its firmness.  I half expected to do some shape-shifting myself while I was reading it.  Thank you to Ms. Yolen for reminding me of why I started to write as a child, and of the many intense hours of my life spent with my nose in a book.


Poem for my children

Dear Sons,
I write to tell you of an “incident” today:
As I was doing laundry (yes, you’re welcome, by the way!),
I gave your clothes the utmost care, the way I always do —
By washing them on “cold” since they are relatively new;
I turned the pockets inside out, your socks went outside-in;
I checked for burrs and pollen, extra change, and army men.
I sprayed the grass stains on your butts, the dirt stains on your knees;
I pulled the doctor’s office stickers from your favorite tees.
I had to scrub the stain stick on the chocolate mess you made,
And hope that over time those nasty bloody spots will fade.
I fluffed your shirts with love before I tossed them in the dryer.
I cleaned the lint screen out to guarantee there’d be no fire.
I feel that I did all a mom should do — and maybe more,
So WHY did Legos tumble out when I opened005 the dryer door?

Your loving mother,